The Emotionally Intelligent Pisces

Pisces Personality

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Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign. People belonging to this zodiac sign are known for their laid-back attitude and they are agreeable.  


Pisces Symbol
Image by Dorothe from Pixabay

The last zodiac sign is represented by two opposite-facing fish. It shows the duality of the sign and the internal struggles Pisces continuously experience. They want to rest and relax but on the other hand, they are driven people who want to achieve success.  


Element of Pisces 

Pisces is part of the water sign group. Water is an element that is related to emotions and perspective. Zodiac signs whose element is water have complex personalities. Their emotional intelligence is higher than average people. If you manage to get in their good graces then you will find them to be extremely warm and nurturing.  


Ruling Planet

Jupiter is known to be the ruling planet of Pisces. But according to some modern astrologers, it’s Neptune. However, connecting a planet that is invisible to the naked eye to a zodiac sign is not considered favorable. Neptune is also associated with delusion and confusion so connecting it with Pisces is considered a disservice by many astrologers. Pisces are unique but they are still normal people who are loveable and understanding.  


Personality Traits 

Pisces Traits
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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Pisces make great friends because they not only listen to other people but also understand their feelings. They don’t judge others and do their best to provide support by listening endlessly. They are connected with human emotions and will always act as if they have seen it all before. They feel things deeply and often end up crying listening to other people’s struggles.  



Pisces have a great interest in things related to spirituality. They are aware of their mystical side and are not afraid to explore it. They also often have an innate psychic spark which is probably why they are great empaths.



Pisceans love old-school romantic things. They seem out of space with everything that the 21st century has to offer to people looking for love. They tend to be more traditional and enjoy being wooed and courted. They also enjoy being in love and don’t appreciate things that can shatter their illusion or idea of perfect love. 



The impact of Neptune gives them the ability to conjure up illusions and distractions around their true loyalties, identities, and opinions. They are adaptable and can easily become part of a crowd.  They believe in going with the flow. Pisceans have a deep-rooted intuition, watery nature, and expansive imagination. Being the twelfth zodiac sign, they do have traces of the traits of the other eleven signs. 


Pisceans have innate empathy which makes them interested in creativity, human nature, and vast imagination. They are always attracted to arts and crafts. They possess the brilliant ability to create new and exciting worlds. Their fantastical attitude can make the real world too harsh for them. They find escape in illusions they create as it provides them comfort and peace. 


Pleasure seeking 

Pisceans are in touch with their emotional side and understand how people may feel in different situations. But their understanding of human nature can sometimes become a need for escapism. They can become overindulgent to gain relaxation and put an end to their over-excited psyche. 


Hobbies of Pisceans 

Pisces Hobbies
Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

Here are some of the things that Pisceans are interested in.


Water-related activities 

It’s no wonder that a water sign is interested in things that are related to water. Being near water is effective in uplifting their mood. They are always happy when they get a chance to do activities like sailing, surfing, fishing, and swimming. Even a walk on the beach can give them peace of mind. 


The art of dancing is ruled by Neptune which also rules Pisces. Physically, they often have slinky bodies which makes them well-adept to dancing. They find it easy to learn and also enjoy it. 



Pisceans consider writing an excellent medium for putting their thoughts into words and sharing them with the world. It’s a source of self-expression. They are observant people and have insight into everything they see and experience. Writing provides them an opportunity to make a record of things and also put their spin on these things.  


Compatibility of Pisces 

Personality traits play a crucial role in forming relationships as not everyone is compatible with each other.  

  • Pisces can form healthy and lasting relationships with their fellow water signs. All of these signs like to observe rather than talk so they seem like a very calm and quiet group on the outside but underneath the surface, a lot is going on.  
  • Pisces are romantic people so they tend to devote themselves fully to their partners. They romantically enjoy the company of Capricorn. Their personality characters are opposite to each other but their differences become the point of attraction. They are curious and fascinated by their contrasting energies and personalities.  
  • Pisces lack compatibility with these air signs; Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, and fire signs that include Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo.  

Read in full detail on Signs Most Compatible With Pisces and know what to look for in a partner if you’re a Piscean. 


Best Career Options for Pisces 

Pisces Careers
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Choosing a career according to the traits of a person allows them to shine in the workplace. Here are some careers that are highly recommended for the Pisces personality.



Pisceans tend to be obsessive about getting the best result and this quality makes them excellent photographers. They are determined to get the best shot and capture the essence of the entire scene. With them as your photographer, you will not have to worry about the quality of the pictures.

It’s also interesting for the water sign as it allows them to work in a variety of locations. They can go around the world and have the freedom to follow their desire for freedom and showcase their artistic tendencies. 



Pisceans have a deep interest in career options in which there is creativity involved. A music career is perfect for Pisces people as they are born with musical talent. They can choose from a variety of roles available in the music industry. Depending on their personality, they can write songs, become music directors, singers, etc.  


A carer 

Pisceans have excellent interpersonal skills and they can understand the feelings of other people. They are well-suited for a caring profession because they sincerely care for the people who need their help.  

Their compassion ensures that they have good bedside manners and the ability to connect to people under their care. They are also supportive and easygoing colleagues who make it easier for everyone to survive in a high-pressure environment.  


Charity work

Charity work is a great option for Pisceans as they can offer great service to those in need of care. They are committed people and have the passion to make an effort to make life better for other people. There are several roles in a charitable organization for them. They  get motivation and inspiration from their work. They are even willing to give up a high-paying job for a role that gives them internal satisfaction.  


Pisceans have great communication skills which makes them great counselors. They know how to talk to people and always have the right words. They can easily build a respectable rapport with their clients.  



Pisces people have the traits to connect with customers without any trouble. They show genuine interest and enthusiasm towards their customers and ensure the best customer service. Helping customers is a pleasurable task for them. They enjoy it a lot and feel content.  

They are successful in making sales and often find themselves at the top of the sales leaderboard. They have natural persuasive qualities and they don’t have to solely rely on selling techniques that are adopted by their colleagues. 



Creativity comes naturally to Pisceans so being an artist comes naturally to them. They are skilled people who love painting, sculpting, and drawing. They are deep thinkers who use their emotions and feelings to create meaningful art pieces. They tend to work on multiple projects and dedicate time according to their interest.  



Pisceans can read people as they are intuitive. Good recruiters need to have the ability to see through the exterior of people and understand their personalities. They should also be able to match the candidates with suitable roles.  

Fun Facts About Pisces 

  • Pisceans love harmony and prefer to be ignorant and like to stay away from confrontation. They have a soft heart and want to do the right thing but they need to learn to face conflicts rather than avoid difficult situations.  
  • Pisceans are known to be chameleons as they can fit in any situation. They don’t have trouble adjusting to different circumstances. They make friends easily because of their easygoing nature.  
  • They know the value of human emotions and always handle other people’s emotions with a lot of care.  
  • Pisceans seem shy at first and can often be reserved but it’s not a genuine representation of their personality. They love adventure and are often up to something. They often surprise people with their desire to go on spontaneous trips and experience things like sailing, bungee jumping, and trying exotic cuisines.  
  • Pisceans want to make people happy. They can get obsessed with pleasing people and are willing to do anything. This is not always a positive trait because sometimes they can get too involved in making other people happy and compromise their happiness. They must learn to strike a balance and learn to sometimes say no. 
  • People often think that Pisceans are pushovers because they like to please others. They will strive to make others happy as long as they are also happy. Their attitude can change completely once they get mad at something. 
  • Pisceans are great secret keepers. They will not share your secret with anyone under any circumstance. You can rely on them to keep their word.  
  • Once Pisceans fall for someone, they fall hard. It’s easy to count on their unwavering support. 
  • People belonging to this twelfth zodiac sign can be loyal to a fault but if they get betrayed, they retaliate strongly as well. If you treat them badly or cheat them, they are not going to forget it ever. They know how to hold a grudge.  


Pisces Celebrities 

Famous Pisceans
Image by Melanie from Pixabay

Some of the famous people born under the water sign are.


Millie Bobby Brown 

Millie has made her name with her brilliant performance in Stranger Things and other projects like Enola Holmes. She possesses the mystique that the Pisceans are known for.  



Rihanna has proven that she has unbound talent as she is not just a pop star but also a global tycoon. She lives a luxurious and fantastic life. 


Kumail Nanjiani 

Kumail Nanjiani is a popular comedian. He has also proven to be a talented actor as he underwent a complete transformation for his role in the Eternals.


Drew Barrymore 

The star was born on February 22nd, 1975 and because of her charming personality, she has managed to become a talk show powerhouse. She is a great crowd-pleaser which is a strong Pisces trait. 


Josh Groban 

Josh Groban is known to be the king of holiday tunes. He is a talented musician which is expected of a person belonging to this zodiac sign. Groban has impressed audiences with his strong vocals.  


Justin Bieber 

Justin Bieber is known as an all-time romantic. Being true to heart is a priority for Pisces and Bieber has showcased this trait pretty well. 


Lupita Nyong’o 

The beauty and talent of the actress has captivated the world. Her Pisces charm allows her to outshine others. 


Chris Martin 

The Coldplay leading man has an interesting personality. He manages to blend romance, art, spirituality, and music into his projects.  



Pisces seem like a dreamy personality that does not care much about reality. But they are highly intuitive, psychic, artistic, and emotional people.  

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