Relationship Advice on Dating a Pisces

Dating a Pisces

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Dating a Pisces 

Pisceans enchant everyone around them with their charismatic personality. They’re sweet and creative people and are unabashed romantics who know the best ways to make their partners happy. Pisceans always show interest in the other person and make conversations to know their partner better. They’re dedicated to their relationship and always have a fresh perspective on life. The water sign is good at adapting to a variety of situations. 


Expectations of Dating a Piscean

Pisces expectations
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Pisces is a water sign and has an otherworldly aura. Pisceans are dreamy people who like to live in clouds. They’re highly emotional individuals and have the power to influence others without any ostentatious display. They’re also introverts and take their time to warm up to others but they’re compassionate lovers. 



Pisceans are known as the empaths of the cosmos and possess the ability to sense the emotional state of those around them. They’re in tune with their emotions because it gives them the ability to understand what others are thinking as well.  


Hopeless romantics 

The water star sign is romantic to the core. They’re never satisfied with the average and are always in favor of going the extra mile to show their love and affection. Because of their empathetic nature, they’re quick to identify the needs of their partner and act accordingly. They’re always happy to share their love with people they care about. 



Pisceans want to have a positive impact on the world.  They believe that their positive actions have a huge impact on their surroundings and the people living around them. They’ll always celebrate the success of their loved ones alongside them. When their partners are down they’re ready to give them support and motivational talk to get their spirit up. The desire to offer a helping hand is overwhelming and they can’t ignore it. 



Pisceans aren’t extroverts but when they fall in love they become expressive people who want to show their dedication to their partner. They’re confident people and put their emotions on display without any problem.

The water sign is interested in using their words and gestures in letting their partner know that they’re an important part of their life. Pisceans want to stay involved in their partner’s life and are genuinely interested in their activities. 


Highly devoted 

Apart from being emotional, Pisceans are also devoted people. Pisces personalities may seem flirty at times but they don’t do that on purpose. Their personality has so much charm that it naturally shows and attracts people towards them. 

When Pisceans fall in love they dedicate their affection to only one person. Their dedication is sincere and they never back down from the commitments they make. They’re not the type to hurt other people through their words or actions. 


Challenging Traits of Pisces 

Challenging Pisces traits
Photo by Liza Summer

Pisceans are great people but they have their share of traits that their partner may find difficult to handle.



A common criticism that Pisceans face is that they’re too far from reality and prefer to live in a fantastical world. They sometimes get too lost in the world of dreams that they find it hard to distinguish between reality and the dream world. They act the same way in their romantic relationship as well. They build an image when they get into a relationship and can get hung up on the expectations they set in the beginning.  

Living in the future 

Pisceans are mainly concerned with what’s going to come instead of things that are in front of them. But it becomes problematic when they focus too much on the future and forget to pay attention to the present.

They can develop a vision of a certain tomorrow and put all their effort into making it a reality. Their partner may feel that they’re too detached from reality and it can become a serious issue in their relationship. Their partner may also feel pressured as they might not be in the same emotional state as them. 



The empathetic nature of the water sign makes them susceptible to the environment. Their mood and emotional state are influenced by things happening in their surroundings. If their surroundings are unstable they’re also going to become flaky and back out of the plans they made with their partner. They may end up canceling things at the last minute which can shake their relationship with their partner. In the worst-case scenario, Pisceans may also end up freezing all communications and just choose to live in their little world. 


Pisceans are good at understanding emotions but they have trouble expressing negative emotions. They’re not fans of conflict and try their best to steer clear of it and that’s why they don’t know the best way to express their negative feelings.

They become deeply invested in their relationship and without intending to can become too dependent on their partner. Whenever a conflicting situation rises they prefer to take the escape route rather than face the problem and end the conflict. In a fight or flight situation, they like to choose the latter. 

Their habit of avoiding conflicting situations makes it impossible to handle misunderstandings as the communication gap becomes too much. 


Overly sensitive 

Sometimes Pisces personalities start thinking with emotions rather than being rational. Even the most insignificant things can hurt them. They feel vulnerable and attacked by every little action of people around them. They’re not good at taking criticism and feel betrayed when someone points out their weaknesses or flaws. They also feel disappointed when their partner fails to live up to the fantasy that they have built. 


Date Ideas for Pisces 

Pisces date ideas
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When planning a date for a person you like, it’s essential to take a closer look at their personality as it will give you an idea about their likes and dislikes. Here are some fantastic date ideas to impress a Piscean. 


Beach day 

Pisceans love spending time at the beach. Taking them to a beach on a date will ensure a memorable and enjoyable date. They like to sit on the sand and look at the open water. When you go to the beach try to avoid going to the arcade instead take a cozy blanket and some cold drinks and spend time on the beach. Pisceans like spending time in their partner’s company and talking with them while sitting in an open and comfortable environment. 

Most beaches have eateries from where you can buy some delicious food as well. Or you can pack a picnic basket and munch on homemade delicious food while looking at the gorgeous view. Preparing a picnic basket is going to make a huge impact as Pisceans appreciate the extra effort made by their date for their comfort. They quickly fall for people who dedicate time to them and make an effort. 


Romantic dinner date 

Pisceans are romantics and they love romantic gestures. Whenever you’re planning a date make sure that you always pay attention to its romantic aspect. If you’re taking them to dinner make sure that it’s candle lit and there are flowers on the table.

The ambiance of the date is important for the water sign. They enjoy a dinner date when it has a romantic setting. Make sure that everything is properly planned. Make a reservation and create the whole setup beforehand so everything goes smoothly. 


Watch a live show 

Pisces personalities adore the fantastical world so they enjoy watching live shows as they transport them to a different world. You can take them to the theater or ballet and they’ll have a great time. Pisceans are good at appreciating the creativity and imaginative spirit of musical theaters and musicals. They like the old-fashioned dating idea as they have a liking for the classical arts. 


Pisces love nature and are always interested in spending time outdoors. In their opinion, having a date under the open sky where they can experience nature and gaze upon the stars is the best way of making unforgettable memories with their partner. They love gazing at the galaxy and talking about all the mysteries it holds because they get to feed their fictional fantasies with it. You can make the date extra special by decorating the tent with fairy lights and packing a delicious meal as well. 


Watching the sunset

Sunsets have always been considered romantic. The fading light of the sun paints the sky yellow and red indicating the end of a day and creates a unique ambiance that has always moved the hearts of romantics. Take your Piscean date to see the sunset and they’ll be impressed by your gesture. The beautiful scenery created by the sunset is enough to make their heart flutter. 

Creative activity 

Pisceans have a vivid imagination and they find huge comfort in expressing their creativity through different activities. You can surprise them by arranging creative activities for the date. You can get art supplies and take them to a beautiful and quiet spot where both of you can peacefully paint.

Or you can take them to a pottery class where they can learn to make beautiful things with their hands. They find satisfaction and happiness in the products they create. It will allow spending quality time with their date and make precious memories.


Final Thoughts 

Pisceans are great dating partners as they love romance and are interested in creating a loving relationship. Planning dates for them is also easy as they’ll always appreciate the sincerity that their partner puts into making the plans. They are staunch believers that it’s the thought and effort that counts and they enjoy anything as long as it’s done for them out of love. 

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