The Ultimate Guide to Video Interview Practice

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Video Interview Practice Types

There are two formats of video interviews. The formats are as follows:


Live interviews

Live interviews are just like face-to-face ones. These interviews are mostly conducted over video conference call platforms like Zoom or Skype. For these interviews, you need to prepare as if you are going for a face-to-face interview. There are going to be no do-overs so never do one without some video interview practice. You can ask someone to be the interviewer and ask you common questions.



These interviews are different as there is no one asking live questions on the other end. During these online interviews, you are going to be asked a series of questions and the interviewees have to record their answers.

In this format, the candidates usually have two minutes to answer the question. Make sure that you take advantage of online video interview practice so that you do not get overwhelmed by the time constraint. Make sure that you are familiar with business and the role you are applying for. You should also be well-prepared for questions regarding your ambitions, motivations, etc.


Benefits of Video Interviews

Video Interview Practice
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In video interviews, the candidates get an opportunity to record their answers to the typical interview questions at a place and time of their choosing. The candidates can give the interview on a laptop or any PC. The software used for video interviews is easy to use with smartphones. It offers the flexibility of conducting the interview anywhere and anytime. It saves potential recruits to travel to the office.

How do candidates benefit from video interview practice?

In online video interviews, the candidates have more time to answer questions. The face-to-face interviews are stressful. They get to be more prepared with their responses and offer satisfactory answers. Video interviews are better than phone interviews because they offer an opportunity to make a good impression by presenting yourself professionally.


How do companies benefit?

Conducting online video interviews allows organizations to be efficient. They can conduct more people as compared to in-office interviews. The companies can also use recordings of the interview to review the answers of the candidates and make the best recruiting decision.

These interviews also save companies the trouble of preparing a meeting room for each candidate. The interviewer does not need to take any notes as they will have video recordings if they need to review any responses.


Best Practices for Video Interviews

Best Practices for Video Interviews
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Whether you are giving a one-on-one interview or an online interview, make sure you are prepared. Video online practice interviews are perfect for preparing the right responses.

Here are a few tips that will help in giving an impressive interview.

  • The interviewee must be familiar with all the technical aspects so that they are optimized in your favor. You do not want to submit a poorly shot video because it does not make a good impression even if the content is engaging.
  • The camera quality must be good so that the video is clear and not blurry. Make sure that you make the video in a well-lit region. Dark and gloomy videos do not make a good impression.
  • You must also have a suitable microphone so that the audio of the video is clear. The online video interviews are pointless if the interviewer cannot comprehend anything you are saying. Generally, the in-built microphones of the laptop are adequate. You can also use a microphone attached to the headphone. Whichever microphone you choose to use make sure that you test it before starting the interview so everything runs smoothly and uninterrupted.
  • If you are using any notes make sure that they are not visible to the interviewer. Reading from a piece of paper during the interview is not a good.
  • Make sure you adjust the height of the cam so that you can show off your good posture. It is best to choose a plain and simple background.


Video Interview Practice Benefits

Video Interview Questions
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If you want to do your best in a video interview then it is important to practice. Without practicing it is easy to get overwhelmed. Practicing is a good idea because:

  • It makes sure you get familiar with the setting.
  • Practicing decreases the chances of tech failure during the interview as you can fix the hiccups beforehand.
  • Practicing for live interviews makes sure you are prepared for the questions.
  • Practicing for recorded interviews ensures that you can handle answering questions in time.

Common Video Interview Questions

It is not possible to predict the exact questions you will get but you can find common questions for the job you are applying for. In your video interview practice, you must include all the common questions and record the responses. It will let you know how prepared you are and what aspects need improvement.

Here are some common questions:

  • Share a situation you had to use teamwork to fix a problem.
  • Describe a situation where you made a crucial decision you knew will not be welcomed by some people.
  • What are your motivations?
  • Share a time you chose an unconventional approach to take care of an existing problem.
  • What is your proudest achievement?
  • You are facing resistance from a potential client over costs. What did you do to win them over?
  • Why are you interested in working here?
  • Share your biggest weakness
  • What are your plans for your career?

Video Interview Practice Conclusion

Many companies are choosing video interviews over in-person interviews, so it is essential to prepare accordingly. To ensure success, interviewees must take advantage of all video interview practice types so they are mentally and physically prepared.

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