Libra, the Fair and Just Zodiac Sign

Libra Personality

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The seventh zodiac sign is given the name, Libra. People who celebrate their birthdays between 23 September and 22 October are Libras. Libras love to create equilibrium in every area of their life. Libras are action-takers and passionate people. They have a knack for bringing together ideas and making things work.

Element of Libra

The element of Libra is air and just like other air signs, it’s also considered the intellectual force among the zodiac signs. Libras are curious beings and you will always find them looking for answers. Learning and communication is their priority. To refresh their mind from interactions, they need their personal space. They are friendly and understanding people. 


Ruling Planet 

The seventh zodiac sign is ruled by Venus. It’s known as the luxurious planet that loves pure romance and lives to experience sensual experiences. Libras are awestruck by things of beauty like sunsets or sun rays peeking through trees. They can recognize beauty and find it in everything. 


Symbolic Representation of Libra 

The symbol for representing the air sign is the scales. The constellations of the sign form the shape of scales. It does justice to Libra’s love of an equal and just society. It also showcases the two key principles of life, balance, and judgment.


Personality Traits 

Libra Traits
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Libras have exciting and attractive personalities. They are good company so people love spending time with them. The following personality traits make Libras stand out.



Libras prefer peacefully solving things and avoid getting into confrontations. Confrontation is not their thing and they are excellent at being diplomatic. They never say anything without thinking of every single aspect related to it. They don’t take things they say lightly as they are aware of the weight of their words. They are always looking to identify common ground that will allow them to form relationships with people. 


Fair and just 

There is a strong sense of justice in Libras. They care about those that surround them and they will always listen to others and consider their opinions. They don’t like to suppress people and ignore their demands. They are passionate about establishing balance and making sure that things run smoothly. 



Libras are optimistic and like to look at the bright side of things. They approach everything with pure and great intentions and will always give value to their projects. 


Social butterflies 

Libras are true extroverts. They possess all the personality characteristics of an extrovert. They work great when they can find reliable companionship. They thrive on their ability to be social and mingle with people. They like surrounding themselves with people that can offer them opportunities to experience new and exciting things. 


Smart and clever 

Libras are known to be witty and smart. They are quick to read the situation and it makes them skilled conversationalists. They are imaginative people and can think on their feet. Whenever faced with a problem, they will always look for a practical solution. 



Leading is in their blood. Professionally, they can achieve great heights and make the best use of their creativity if they are put in a leadership role. They need reliable and supportive people around them to ensure that their projects are perfectly executed. 


Hobbies of Libra

Libra Hobbies
Photo by Nikita Popov

Activities that people like to do in their free time say a lot about their personality. Their interests are based on their traits. Libras have specific activities they like to invest their time in. Some of these hobbies are as follows. 


Different forms of art 

Libra people love art. All forms of art are appreciated by them. They are likely to try their hand at painting, singing, dancing, writing, and any other activity that allows them to utilize their creativity and express their feelings. 

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Libra personalities like beautiful things so they prefer to make their homes aesthetically appealing as well. They love changing and improving the decor of their home. They invest in elegant and gorgeous decor items that add style and personality to their humble abode.

Gardening is their thing as well. They use the power of nature to add color and beauty to their house. They like taking care of little plants as they refresh their minds and soul. 



Retail therapy is one of the most preferred leisure time activities for Libras. They enjoy exploring different shops and looking at all the beautiful items on offer. Building a fashionable wardrobe is important for them. They regularly update their wardrobes to make sure their clothes are up-to-date. It’s their favorite activity to release stress as well. 


Best Career Choices for Libra 

Libra Careers
Photo by Milad Fakurian on Unsplash

Fairness and balance are extremely important for this seventh zodiac sign. Socializing and leading is their specialty. Depending on their key personality traits, some of the most suitable jobs for them are;



A company is only successful with the talent and hard work of its employees. HR is responsible for hiring and taking care of employees. People working in HR need to be good at dealing with people. They should be friendly and social and Libras know how to recruit the best people and manage them efficiently. They ensure that the interests of workers are heard and protected. 

The strength that makes them perfect for a career in HR is their ability to communicate with people.  They always make people feel comfortable and offer solutions to their problems.


Graphic designer

Libras have an eye for beautiful things and they are creative enough to come up with amazing designs. They are quick to learn graphic design and can easily design things that attract people’s attention. Beauty is important to them and they work hard to ensure that whatever they create is gorgeous. If Libra manages to find a job with a reputable and efficient company, then they can produce the best result. 



Love is their thing so they are great at helping people find their soul mates. They are often called real-life cupids. Finding love for people is an enjoyable task for them as seeing people happy makes them happy. 

Libras are good at understanding people and they can use their communication skills to bring people together. They have the caliber to develop a successful matchmaking business. 


Art is their favorite language to express things. They like to capture the beauty of nature and express their thoughts through poetic words, paintings, and the lens of a camera. They are attracted to anything related to beauty. 

Libras make excellent painters because of their ability to capture the essence of beauty around them. They can quickly learn pottery and basket weaving. 


Fashion designer 

A career that allows Libras to capitalize on their creativity, like fashion designing, is best for them.  They can use their knowledge and sensitivity to fashion to influence other people’s fashion choices.  It’s a career that allows them to explore their creativity and play with a variety of colors. They pay special attention to ensuring that they have a fashionable wardrobe. 



Balance and fairness are crucial for Libras which makes a career in law suitable for them. They care about people and are committed to ensuring that the client gets fair treatment. They make excellent lawyers because they know how to stick to their principles. 


Worst Career Choices

Worst Libra Career
Photo by Accuray on Unsplash


Libras crave human interaction so an isolating profession that keeps them confined to their desk is not suitable for them. They don’t like sitting at a desk all day and calculating numbers. It’s also a tough career for them as there is not much creativity involved. 


Data analyst

A data analyst is all about working with numbers and identifying patterns. It’s much similar to being an accountant. Libras find it hard to thrive in a job where they have to spend the entire day working. It’s a stressful job for them and they find it boring. 

Libras have trouble making decisions. Their indecisiveness makes it hard for them to meet the deadlines. They don’t enjoy the prospect of working with numbers. 



Being a doctor is not the best choice for Libras. Doctors have to think on their feet and make decisions that are crucial for saving lives. Libras can’t make quick decisions. They like to make decisions after a lot of thinking which doesn’t work for doctors. 

Emergency services

A career in any of the emergency services is not suitable for them. They don’t make good firefighters or paramedics or emergency medical personnel.

Their inability to be decisive in critical situations makes them unsuitable for these careers. The prospect of taking quick actions and thinking on their feet can be overwhelming for them making it hard to enjoy or thrive in that profession. 


Fun Facts 

Libras have unique and interesting personalities.  

  • Libras love to live in a balanced world. They don’t like chaos and disorder so they are always seeking justice and harmony. 
  • Despite their great communication skills, they find it hard in the beginning to open up to people. They have shy personalities and it takes them time to lower their guard and let other people in. 
  • Libras are emotionally intelligent people. They understand the emotions and feelings of other people and they respect them as well.  
  • Once Libras commit to something, it’s hard for them to move on. They can get stuck on one thing and overthink it. 
  • They love talking and having discussions. Sitting around and debating on a variety of topics is a favorite way to pass time. 
  • You can always rely on them as they will always be faithful and loyal.  
  • Libras can be pretty self-critical and want to achieve the best things. They always give more than a hundred percent to any task they invest in. 

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Famous Libra Celebrities

Famous Libras
Image by Markéta (Machová) Klimešová from Pixabay

Some of the noteworthy celebrities born under the Libra sign are; 

Kim Kardashian 

The Kardashians have been one of the most followed celebrities. Kim Kardashian has stood out from her family as she is not only a successful businesswoman but also an aspiring lawyer. 

Gwyneth Paltrow 

The actress and Goop founder has proved that she is a talented actress and has an innovative mind. She gave several memorable roles in movies like Shakespeare in Love and The Talented Mr.Ripley. In 1999 she won an Academy Award as well. 

Bruno Mars 

Bruno Mars is a Grammy Award-winning singer who has given the world hits like Marry You, 24k Magic, Uptown Funk, etc. In 2014, he headlined the super bowl which is considered the biggest show in the world. For his performance, he attracted the largest audience in the history of the Superbowl according to Billboard. 


Eminem is among the most talented and skilled rappers in the music world. The Lose Yourself, performer, has been serving the audience hit after hit for years now. 

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell is known for his ability to identify talent in people and turn them into successful artists. He served as a judge on various shows that look for talented artists. He played a pivotal role in the formation of One Direction while he was a judge on the X Factor. 

Gwen Stefani

The singer started her career as a vocalist for a band named No Doubt. She has given the audience several hit songs as a solo singer such as Rich Girl, Hollaback Girl, Sweet Escape, etc. She is also a coach on the hot NBC show, The Voice, and has shown her ability to identify talent. 

Michael Douglas 

The Academy Award-winning actor has starred in brilliant projects over the years like Wall Street, Marvel’s Ant-Man, The Kominsky Method, etc. The son of Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas, he has managed to establish his unique reputation in the industry. He is a proud recipient of the AFI Life Achievement Award as well. 


Libras look at life with a unique lens. They like to maintain balance and live a peaceful life. They can make accurate decisions when required and be supportive of other people in their professional and personal life. 

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