What Are the Best Celebrity Personality Types?

Celebrity Personality Tests

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Human beings have diverse personalities and a lot of work has been done to find a framework that can help identify the personality types.  

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Best Celebrity Personality Types 

Celebrity Personality Types
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Choosing a profession is not an easy task. Knowing the type of personality one has can assist as it helps in narrowing options based on a person’s dominant traits.  

The entertainment industry is highly competitive and to succeed, it is crucial to have some specific skills and traits.  



ESFP personalities are very lively and outgoing people. They love company and thrive when surrounded by people.


Characteristics of ESFP personality types

ESFPs are highly practical and know how to get what they want. They don’t like book learning and prefer getting hands-on experience. They don’t do well in the classroom setting and excel when given the chance to interact with others and learn from them.  

They prefer to live in the moment and sometimes forget to consider the consequences of their actions. They like to figure out things after getting into a situation rather than planning. They love trying out new things and are always ready for exciting projects.  

They are highly perceptive and can understand their surroundings. They come across as sympathetic, easygoing, and warm.  

ESFPs are not afraid of the spotlight which makes them highly compatible for a successful career in the entertainment industry. They do not shy away from trying new and challenging things as they are always looking to expand their comfort zone. 

They do not care much about expectations and traditions. They regularly try new styles and enjoy experimenting with things that will help them stand out from the crowd.  

ESFPs make excellent celebrities because they know how to pay attention to people. They are witty and always have something interesting to talk about.  

They do not like conflict and prefer to get out of situations that can become uncomfortable. These people crave excitement and without new adventures, they can easily get bored.  


Popular ESFP celebrities 

  • Quentin Tarantino 
  • Hugh Hefner 
  • Khloe Kardashian 
  • Christiano Ronaldo 
  • Adele 
  • Kylie Jenner 
  • Leonardo DiCaprio 



Personality Tests
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ISFPs are adventurous and true artists. They like going against social conventions and breaking barriers with their creativity.  



People with ISFP personalities are highly imaginative and creative. They are great at expressing their artistry and curiosity.  

They are liked by people because they have a warm persona and are sensitive. These people are competitive and sometimes their high self-esteem can stress them out.  

The freedom and flexibility of the entertainment industry suit them well because they do not thrive in strict workplaces.

Even the idea of hurting someone is unimaginable for them. They love harmony and value the feelings of people above all else.  

Popular ISFP celebrities 

  • Jeon Jungkook 
  • Lana Del Rey 
  • Frida Kahlo 
  • Michael Jackson 
  • Jessica Alba 


INFPs seem introverted because they are pretty quiet but they are passionate and have vibrant personalities.  



INFPs are very caring and compassionate. They feel others’ feelings as they are highly sensitive.  

They have a tender heart and want to make sure that their actions offer comfort and happiness to others. 

They are interested in making positive contributions to the world so that they can build a better world for everyone.  

They make great entertainers because they are open-minded. They have a high tolerance and are accepting of a variety of lifestyles, decisions, and beliefs.  

INFPs have an unconventional and unique perception. Coming up with ideas and exploring different possibilities is their favorite thing to do. They are drawn towards creative pursuits and can become great artists and writers.  

They are their biggest critics. They want to do their best and observe even the slightest mistakes. They know their skills and dominant traits so they always have high expectations. 


Popular INFP celebrities 

  • J.R.R. Tolkien 
  • Tom Hiddleston 
  • Alicia Keys 
  • William Wordsworth 
  • Johnny Depp



ENTJ Personality Trait
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ENTJs have a commanding personality and have a charisma that draws a crowd. New things excite them and they are always ready to give them a try. 


Characteristics of ENTJ personality types

ENTJs do not like inefficiency and consider it a problem. They believe that inefficiency drains the energy that could be used to achieve future goals. They get energized by working towards their goal and do not find the hard work taxing.  

They are excellent in crisis management and are well-equipped to navigate the challenges to complete bigger plans. They are observant and tend to think about all the aspects of a problem and come up with the best solutions.  

The entertainment industry is a great choice for them because they are inspiring and charismatic. Their personality attracts others and encourages them to follow them.  

They can sometimes be insensitive towards others and fail to understand their emotions. The goals they set for themselves are important for them and they do everything in their power to ensure they are achieved.  


Popular ENTJ celebrities 

  • Gordon Ramsay 
  • Steve Jobs 
  • Jim Carrey 
  • Harrison Ford 
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt 



INTJs are reserved compared to ENTJs but they tend to think creatively. They make great screenwriters and directors because of their unique perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking.



INTJs are known as architects because of their ability to come up with inventive solutions for all kinds of problems.  

They are self-motivated and creative and like to do things their way. They get frustrated if rules or conventions become a hurdle in their success.  

Popular INTJ celebrities 

  • Christopher Nolan 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger 
  • Friedrich Nietzche 

Final Thoughts 

Artistic people tend to be more ambitious, flexible, and motivated than other people. The entertainment industry is tough and to navigate through it, one needs undying passion and enthusiasm. Most celebrities struggle a lot before making it big and they can endure because of their dominant personality traits. 

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