Common Personality Types and Their Traits

Most Common Personality Types

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People are more aware of the importance of understanding their personality. The interest in human psychology is increasing as it does not just help in comprehending human traits but also assists in making vital life decisions. 

There are countless personality tests available that can offer valuable information regarding one’s characteristics. People can use the information to choose suitable careers and live content lives. 

The Myers-Briggs type indicator test is considered the most popular test for finding personality traits. The test is designed to determine an individual’s worldview and the result is provided in the form of four letters that are most suitable for describing the personality. 

Most Common Personality Types 

Determining the most common type of personality is not an easy task because there are several demographics involved in it. However, the common types do appear in the general population and one can notice the similarities between the thinking and socialization of people that helps in determining a common personality type. 

Out of MBTI personalities, ISFJ is considered the most common type. ISFJ or protectors account for 14% of the population. 

Although ISFJ is the most common, the personality types are not evenly distributed. There are variations because of gender, culture, and geography. 


Common Personality Types Among Women

Common Personality Types
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ISFJ is considered the most common generally and it’s most common among women as well. It accounts for about 19% of the female population. It’s no surprise that it’s at the top when it comes to representation in religious, education, and healthcare occupations. These professions are extremely popular among females and ISFJ people as they value spirituality, a happy family, and health above all else. 


What does ISFJ mean? 

Each letter in the ISFJ stands for a unique trait related to personality. 






Common traits of ISFJs 

The ISFJ personality includes people who feel energetic by spending time alone. They are detail-oriented and always focus on details and hard facts instead of paying too much attention to concepts and ideas. They have strong values and make their decisions based on feelings. The protectors are not spontaneous and they prefer to plan things and stay organized. They are known as protectors because they are interested in the safety and wellness of other people.


What motivates ISFJs? 

ISFJs set clear personal values and they strongly adhere to these values. Protectors are conscious of what is expected of them and they don’t want to disappoint other people.  

Relationships are important to them  and they work hard to establish harmony and cooperate with other people. They strive for the longevity of relationships and are fully devoted to them. When they find someone who is reliable, they establish a deep connection with that individual. 

ISFJs have a lot of respect for traditions and are interested in finding out how things were done by people before them. They tend to stick to values and methods used by their ancestors. Protectors always like to do things properly and that is why they prefer old and tested methods. 

Fitting in with established institutions is important to them and they like contributing to the maintenance, stability, and growth of the established institutions. They often take the role of a historian in the group and ensure that others also understand the importance of established customs and values. 


ISFJs in the workplace 

ISFJ personalities have a strong desire to help others in an organized and practical way. They have set core personal values and taking care of others and upholding tradition is part of these values. ISFJs enjoy doing work that requires attention to detail and uses tested procedures. They thrive in structures where there is explicit authority structure. 

They don’t enjoy the limelight and prefer to work behind the scenes. They are satisfied with low-key recognition and get energized by it to work even harder. Their focus is on fulfilling their duties and producing the best possible details. 

ISFJs do their best when given well-defined tasks with clear instructions and goals. Multi-tasking is not their strong forte. A workplace that offers privacy and has colleagues with common values is perfect for them. 


ISFJs as team members 

The supportive nature of ISFJs makes them an excellent addition to a team. They are great listeners and pay attention to their surroundings and people. They carefully follow procedures and ensure that those around them do the same. 

ISFJs are sensitive toward the emotions and concerns of other people and always strive to be cooperative team members so there is no conflict. They feel safe in a work environment where everyone respects the set procedures and rules. A predictable and harmonious environment is their favorite. 

ISFJs as leaders 

ISFJs as leaders
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Protectors don’t have too much interest in being a leader but their traits often lead them to that position. They usually take on the role of secretary in the group because of their habit of observing details and keeping notes of important stuff. 

ISFJs are reluctant leaders but when they take on the role they fully commit to it. They are loyal and reliable. Protectors respect hierarchy and take each step for the betterment of the organization. 

Best career paths 

Some of the top career choices for ISFJ people include: 

  • Social services
  • Community services 
  • Healthcare 
  • Social, life, and physical sciences 
  • Education and training 
  • Business and finance 
  • Production 
  • Engineering and architecture 
  • Protective services 
  • Sales 
  • Management 


Common Personality in Males

ISTJ Personality Type
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Among men, the most common personality type is ISTJ. About 16% of men qualify as ISTJ or the Inspector. Inspectors are passionate about enforcing order in institutions and establishing organized systems. They have a proper procedure for everything. ISTJs are dutiful and responsible and can be trusted to follow rules and regulations and uphold traditions. 


Meaning of ISTJ 

The acronym ISTJ stands for: 





ISTJs love spending some alone time and getting energy from it. They put more value on facts and concrete details and don’t get distracted by big concepts and ideas. Their decision-making is based on reason and logic. It’s not in their nature to be spontaneous as they prefer to be organized and plan everything. 

They are given the title of Inspector because of their ability to focus on details and their passion to do things perfectly and according to the book. 


Motivations and values of ISTJs 

Rules and regulations are important for ISTJ the personality. Before diving into anything they like to know all the rules because they put more value on predictability instead of imagination. They believe in learning from their past and using their experiences to guide them through life. They feel most comfortable when present in familiar surroundings. 

Inspector personalities are very persistent. They don’t do things half-heartedly. When they choose to do something they fully commit to it. The tasks that involve specific steps are enjoyable for them. Their habit to handle tasks systematically can bring order to their surroundings as well. 


ISTJs in the workplace 

ISTJs are considered a valuable addition to an organization because they are meticulous and dependable. They are serious about deadlines and specifications provided for the task. They tend to work systematically and independently to complete their task on time and produce the best possible result. 

They don’t like surprises and do their best work when there is a detailed plan in front of them. 

ISTJ personalities prefer working independently but they have an appreciation for teamwork as well. They like working with reasonable colleagues who are professional. Workplaces with a clearly defined hierarchy are most suitable for these people. 

The perfect job for ISTJs is where they get to solve logical issues using organized methods. Structured and quiet workplaces with clear-cut rules are where they can truly thrive. 

ISTJs as team members 

Structured workplaces with set rules are perfect for ISTJ personalities. They are considered valuable addition to a team because they are dependable and task-oriented. They are meticulous and systematic. They don’t like spending time in debate and just like to be practical. ISTJs have a business-like approach and have little patience for emotional discussions.

ISTJs as leaders 

Inspectors are excellent leaders because they set clear expectations and guide with proper procedures. They feel comfortable when leading in their area of expertise. They don’t have skills when it comes to politics and can often ignore niceties to complete the task and achieve their goal. They motivate their subordinates by demonstrating an efficient and strong work ethic.   


Best careers 

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The best career paths for ISTJs are: 

  • Business and finance
  • Administrative and office support 
  • Math 
  • Engineering 
  • Architecture 
  • Management 
  • Social and physical sciences 
  • Healthcare 
  • Entertainment 
  • Sports 
  • Construction 
  • Communication and media 
  • Education and library 
  • Sales 
  • Community and social services 
  • Legal and military 
  • Protective service 
  • Computer and information technology 


Final Thoughts 

Out of sixteen MBTI personalities, ISFJ and ISTJ stand out as the most common ones. ISFJ and ISTJ are the most common personalities as a large percentage of the population display their characteristics. To find out whether you belong to these personality types or not you can go to our websites and take our reliable and quick personality tests. The personality test offers you deep insight into your personality and assists in making different life decisions. 

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