A Closer Look at the Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Aquarius Personality

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People born between January 20th and February 18th are considered Aquarians. These people live to share their progressive ideas and establish lasting friendships. 

Individuals born with the Aquarius sign are humanitarians, intelligent, creative, social, and innovative. They may appear cold and detached on the surface but deep down, they have big and warm hearts. Their mental canvas is vast, which makes it hard for other zodiac signs to understand them. Their actions are based on the belief that they can contribute to the betterment of their and other people’s lives. 

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Element of Aquarius 

Aquarius Elements
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Aquarius is considered an air sign, making people who belong to this star sign abstract thinkers and intellectual people. The influence of the air element makes them highly social, nimble, and open-minded. They are not good at displaying their emotions which might make them look cold and detached. 


Ruling Planet 

Aquarius’ personality is ruled by Uranus. It’s the planet that governs technology and innovation. The planet is an excellent representative of its distinctive and unconventional nature. Aquarians are big thinkers and visionaries. They can often get too involved in their ideas and end up neglecting friends and family. 

Another planet that rules this zodiac sign is Saturn which is connected to being strong. The blend of both these planets gives the sign unique personality traits. Both planets are intellectual, individualistic, and eccentric. 



This zodiac sign is represented by a water bearer. It’s because of that symbol that many people believe that it’s a water sign and the inclusion of the word aqua in the name. However, the true meaning of the symbol is that it’s pouring electricity or brain along with water into the watery regions of the next sign, Pisces. Here is a complete guide on all the other star signs.

Aquarians dominate political disruption and genius. They have the caliber to make waves and become central figures. 


Personality Traits of Aquarius 

Aquarius Traits
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Aquarians don’t believe in shenanigans and prefer to be upfront with people. They are always honest about their feelings and some of their prominent personality traits are; 



Aquarians enjoy living in their head. They spend a lot of time dreaming about things, deconstructing conventions, and dissecting knowledge. They like to think about mysteries of outer space. These people can often go blank in the middle of a conversation as they are too invested in the ideas in their heads instead of the conversation happening in the real world. 


Innovative and unique 

Aquarians are eccentric souls. Thinking out of the box is in their nature. It’s not intelligent to limit them because they can get frustrated when restricted. They are creative people who can always come up with unique ideas. They are not afraid to stand out because of their uniqueness, which they are proud of it. 


Caring and compassionate 

Aquarians are humanitarians at heart. They care about the world and what’s happening around them. There is a deep sense of fairness, justice, and liberalness in their heart. They love being part of change so they actively participate in charities and love campaigning for great causes. They never shy away from saying what’s on their mind.  



Aquarians attract people because of their natural intelligence, wit, and affinity for fairness but ultimately, they are loners who stand alone. They are firm about their morals and ideals and are never willing to compromise on them. Their freedom is precious to them and they value their independence above everything else. 


Cool and easygoing 

Aquarians are always concerned with the big picture and because of this attitude, they don’t pay much attention to the small and insignificant things. Their lofty idealism keeps their mind occupied and they don’t have any time for things that are not important to them. 



Aquarians are known to have a stubborn streak. They get into trouble because of their hard-headedness. Changing the perspective of their sign is considered an impossible task. 

Their stubbornness stems from the fact that they have a deep sense of righteousness and ensuring justice. They enjoy being part of the change and never shy away from taking action. 

Hobbies of Aquarius 

Taking a look at one’s hobbies gives an excellent preview of their character. 

Here are some of the things that interest those who are born Aquarius.


Science fiction 

As they love living in their heads making up plans, it’s no wonder that they have a great love for sci-fi. They enjoy everything creative and imaginative. 



Aquarians like technology and are always looking forward to investing in an upgrade whether it’s their mobile phone, TV, laptop, or any other gadget. They are highly entertained by tech toys and can happily spend days figuring them out and enjoying what it has to offer.



Aquarian’s heads are full of plans and ideas and sometimes it can get a little too crowded. They are into writing because it allows them to organize their thoughts and have a clear head. They have a lot of important things to say and writing is the perfect medium for them to share their opinions and ideas with other people. 


It’s no surprise that an air sign is interested in flying. The open sky and the freedom that comes with it are valuable to Aquarians. They feel comfortable in their natural element. It’s rare for them to pass up an opportunity to skydive, hang glide or do any other activity that allows them to take to the sky.



Aquarians love art. They are fascinated by the creativity and ideas that go into creating a piece of art. The passion and story behind art pieces appeal to them. Many art pieces are beyond the understanding of people, but an Aquarian can get the meaning of art pieces. 


Compatibility of Aquarius 

Leos often attract Aquarians even though they are their astrological opposites. They are a good match for the air sign as they can show them how to get in touch with their emotions and be more affectionate. Aquarians appreciate the warmth and friendliness of Leos. These two zodiac signs can work together and expand their social circle. 

Aquarius also gets along well with the zodiac sign, Taurus. Taurus is a patient and calm zodiac sign and its grounding energy is appreciated by Aquarius. Taurus helps reduce their anxiety and keep them calm. 

Aquarians also enjoy the company of Sagittarians. Like them, Sagittarians also have a lot of energy and interest in a variety of things. When they are with a Sagittarian, they feel that they can learn a lot and are confident that they will never get bored. 


Zodiac Signs to Avoid for Aquarius

Aquarius is not compatible with the zodiac sign, Cancer. Cancer signs don’t appreciate the bluntness of Aquarians. They are also not fond of independence as much as Aquarians. They like being tied to the family and home whereas Aquarians prefer a free lifestyle. They have different views on how to live their life.  

Virgo is another sign that’s not compatible with Aquarius. Virgos are critical and want everything to be well-organized. Aquarians don’t like being criticized for small things and it can create a clash between them.

If you’re considering dating an Aquarian but you’re not sure how that’ll go, read our article What It’s Like to Date an Aquarius to see if you can handle this zodiac sign. 


Suitable Careers for Aquarius 

Suitable Careers for Aquarians
Image by Lucas Vasques from Pixabay

People born under this air sign don’t like to be boxed in and are happy when given a chance to make their own rules. These are important things to consider while choosing a career because to excel, it’s crucial to ensure that it’s suitable for their personality traits. 

Some of the best career options for Aquarius are;



Pursuing higher education is an excellent decision for Aquarians. Professors have to explore and do research into their area of knowledge and Aquarians always have a unique approach to finding the answers they are looking for. 

They have a natural knack for dismantling and creating theories and sharing knowledge with other people. Aquarians can choose any subject matter, and they will be able to do well. 



Considering Aquarians’ interest in technology and exploration, it’s no surprise that they make excellent scientists. They have the knowledge and mindset to work in the scientific field. They love doing experiments, trying out new theories, and increasing their knowledge. They can choose any branch of science depending on their preference, and they can make a successful career out of it. 



Astrologers need intuition and intelligence and Aquarians possess both these qualities and know how to use them in the best possible way. They can easily read natal charts, follow transits and determine the transition of energies and their impact on people. It’s a unique science that is accepted by few people and Aquarians believe it to be true science.



Aquarians do well in this profession because they know how to be objective. Objectivity is an essential personality characteristic for a judge. 

Aquarians are naturally detached, making them perfect for this career option. They can keep their emotions at bay while listening to the legal matters presented in front of them. 


Social worker 

They have all the essential traits of a good and efficient social worker. They have the desire to help people in need while staying detached. They are capable problem solvers and you can count on them to figure out a variety of methods to help people. 


Project manager 

Aquarians find enjoyment in planning and coming up with ideas. They make brilliant project managers because not only do they have ideas but they also can influence other people. They can encourage people to listen to them and follow their lead. They make good leaders as they can motivate others to work towards one goal. Coming up with workable and interesting ideas is their specialty. 



Finding solutions is the expertise of those born under this air sign. Their objective standpoint makes it easier to come up with practical solutions for others. They are good at detaching from their emotions and making decisions based purely on facts provided to them. 


Worst Career Choices 

Aquarians are not suitable for jobs that don’t stimulate them intellectually. They easily get bored if the daily tasks are conventional in nature and monotonous. They don’t fit well in the role of an administrative assistant or a banker as these jobs don’t allow them to use their traits. Public relations, human resources, or being a travel agent is not for them.


Aquarian Celebrities 

Aquarian Celebrities
Image by Agnieszka from Pixabay

Kerry Washington 

This multi-talented actress is also an activist, producer, and director. She became a shining star after portraying her acting skills in “Scandal.”



This famous Aquarian is a popular singer, philanthropist, record producer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. The extraordinary singer was born on February 2nd and is a brilliant representative of the creativity of her zodiac sign. 


Chloe Grace Moretz 

The actress was born on February 10th. She has given many memorable roles to the audience and continues to do great work.  

Alicia Keys 

This singer is a popular name in the world and has 15 Grammy Awards to her name. The talented singer continues to offer striking music.


Jennifer Aniston 

Born on February 11th, the actress rose to fame with her role as Rachel on the sitcom Friends. The actress is a producer and a successful businesswoman. She is the woman behind the popular 90’s haircut called ‘The Rachel’. 


Elijah Woods 

The actor brought the iconic role of the beloved hobbit Frodo to the big screen. He was born on January 28th. 

Christian Bale 

This actor is known for his passion and commitment to his roles and was born on January 30th. 


Cristiano Ronaldo 

The footballer who has cemented his reputation as one of the greatest athletes of all time was born on February 5th. 



Aquarians can live a happy life when they feel they are true to their values and ideals.

Sacrificing their ethics to gain favors or financial benefits is not in their nature. Aquarians want to have a beautiful world and constantly strive in making it so. If you would also like to know about your star sign and personality, our website offers an AI-assisted personality test that allows you to identify dominant traits and see how much influence your zodiac sign has on your personality. 

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