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Taurus Personality

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A perfect world for Taureans is one where they get to spend all the time treating themselves and bathing in a tub full of aromatic essential oils. But luxury and comfort is not the only thing desired by people born between 20 April and 20 May. Money and financial security hold a lot of importance for them. They find security in knowing that their savings account is not empty. 

Element of Taurus 

The element of Taurus is Earth which means Taureans are grounded people who crave stability and proper structure. They are more interested in the present instead of dreaming of the future.  They like creating plans and sticking to them to achieve desired results. 


Ruling Planet of Taurus 

Taureans are known to be romantics and luxury-loving mainly because they are ruled by Venus. They get their caring and headstrong nature from Venus as well. Their ruling planet is associated with love, art, and beauty. 


Taurean Symbol 

Taurus is represented by a bull which perfectly showcases its personality traits. Tauru’s favorite thing is spending their days in open idyllic meadows snacking on fresh grass. But if they are provoked they jump into action and launch an attack. They are not afraid to use their horns when the need arises. 


Personality Traits of Taurus 

Taurus Personality Traits
Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

A Taurean personality can be gentle as well as furious.

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Some of the distinct traits that define their character are as follows. 



It’s impossible to beat a Taurus with a task or challenge. They will always ensure that they complete whatever is assigned to them, no matter how many hours it takes.

Taureans possess boundless resilience, tenacity, and patience. Their reserves never run out and they will keep trying until they succeed. They only give up on things that start to turn toxic for them like a bad relationship or a worthless feud. 



The Earth sign loves a good life. Taurus always give priority to their comfort and luxury. The look of their place matters a lot to them so they pay a lot of attention to the aesthetics and ambiance of their place. 



Taureans have a habit of analyzing everything before making a decision. They tend to move at a slower pace compared to other people. Taking hasty decisions is not in their nature. You can always count on them to deliberate on every aspect of an issue before taking any action.

Taurus people are deep and thorough thinkers. Their quality of deliberating thoroughly also makes them stubborn as they will always stick with their conclusion as they have thought of everything before coming to it. 



Taureans live for the pleasures offered by the material world. They are physical creatures who like to indulge in shopping, drinking, and pampering themselves. They can sometimes get too involved in the luxuries and have a good time that they start to lose their grip on reality. Their love for having a memorable time can lead to trouble if they don’t reign in their enthusiasm.


Easygoing and chill 

People whose zodiac sign is Taurus tend to zone out a lot. Doing nothing is their favorite pass time and they don’t like to fuss over things. 


Hobbies of Taurus 

Hobbies of Taureans
Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes on Unsplash

Taureans like to teach others the best ways to enjoy life and all the good things it has to offer. Their calm personality provides excellent company. Some of the activities that they like to dedicate their time to include; 



Taureans love money. It allows them to enjoy the material pleasures that the world has to offer. They like enjoying life and to do that, they need financial support. They understand the value of money and respect it. A Taurus knows the best ways to manage money is investing and saving is their thing. 


Food is life for Taureans. It holds an extremely important place in their life. They like experiencing all the different flavors the world has to offer. Hosting dinners and parties is one of their favorite things to do.  


Relaxing and chilling 

Taureans are big fans of just sitting around wrapped in a blanket. They like comfort and they don’t even need Netflix to have a great time. A simple warm cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and some peace manage to refresh them.  


Shopping sprees

The earth sign finds a lot of peace and relaxation by shopping. It’s their go-to activity that is not chosen because it’s a necessity but just because it is fun. Browsing through the latest collection and just going to different shops is an exciting perspective. 


Most Suitable Careers for Taurus

Taurus Careers
Image by Antony Trivet from Pixabay

Taurus can excel a lot and enjoy their job once they find something that piques their interest.  A good career for a Taurus embraces their traits and provides them with appropriate growth opportunities. 

Some of the most appropriate career ideas that are best suited for Taurus are. 



Taureans have an artistic personality. They are highly meticulous and disciplined and these traits allow them to stay focused on composition and details. They are persistent and have the patience to complete complex projects. Jobs like visual effects developer, production artist, book illustrator, etc. are perfect for them. 



Their habit of focusing on details makes them excel in finance-related careers. They can do great work as a finance administrator, accountant, cashier, investment banker, etc. They have a knack for calculating and love making money. 


Fashion industry

Taurus is ruled by Venus so it doesn’t come as a surprise that they are interested in the fashion and beauty industry. Venus is synonymous with beauty and romance. Taureans are extremely interested in luxury. Aesthetics is important to them and they make a genuine effort to elevate their fashion game. 

Careers related to the fashion and beauty industry trigger their creativity and artistic side. It also allows them to invest their time in goal-oriented work where details are crucial. A career as a fashion designer or buyer is a brilliant choice for them. Other suitable choices also include decorating, blogging about beauty and fashion, and modeling. 

Nature related careers

Taureans love nature. Specialty as a biologist or botanist is a viable option for them as they get to explore nature. Their love for details pays off as even tiny details matter in scientific research. 

Farming and agriculture are also preferred choices of careers. It allows them to have some hands-on experience by doing exciting tasks like gardening or landscaping. They will work hard until the project is complete and their aesthetic sense ensures their gardening skills are on point.



Taureans like food! They are passionate about it. They take their food seriously and always enjoy it. They appreciate food and prefer to make it look delicious as well as taste good.  Being a chef is a lot of hard work as long hours are required to make a successful career. They are preserving enough to survive and prevail in the tough world of a professional kitchen. 



People belonging to the Taurus sign tend to focus on one task for a long time and they are put off by repetitive tasks. Once you make them responsible for a task they will ensure that they produce the expected result in the given time. They have an inherent talent for building things and getting their hands dirty. 

The construction industry is suitable for them as they are practical and disciplined people. Their personality has stubbornness which makes them persistent. It makes it easier to handle construction projects which are challenging to complete within the given deadline. 


Managers or executives

Taureans are highly skilled in managing money and are also capable leaders. They possess resourcefulness, responsible nature, pragmatism, and meticulousness which makes them skilled managers and executives. They are the perfect choice for managing the finances of an organization. 


Worst Career Choices for Taureans

Worst Career for Taureans
Photo by Kate Bezzubets on Unsplash


Journalists have to work 24/7 and constantly meet tight deadlines. They have to stay vigilant and follow the news all the time to ensure that the news reaches the masses. The profession doesn’t go well with the personality traits of Taurus as they prefer methodical and slow-paced things. 



A stable workplace is preferred by Taureans. Given a steady routine, they can produce the best results but uncertainty does not suit them. Firefighters have to deal with unpredictable situations that can become dangerous as well. 


Reality show star 

Taureans are not in favor of drama. They don’t like getting into petty arguments because they don’t lead to anything fruitful. They also don’t appreciate working with others where they have to work under other people’s orders. They don’t like the company of people, who disagree with them. 


  • Taurus is best suited with Pisces. Even though a Taurus prefers a partner that’s dependable and not emotional as a Pisces, a Pisces will provide all the loyalty and love a Taurus needs.
  • Both Taurus and Virgo are earth signs and they appreciate the sense of comfort that security and stability provide.
  • Cancer and Taurus are also a good pair because they share the same traits of being loyal and homely.
  • Taurus is least compatible with Aries.
  • Aquarius is also not a good fit for Taurus because their ideals eventually collide and for their relationship to work, they must be willing to change but neither is willing to change for the sake of a relationship.

To know more about the love compatibility of Taurus personalities, read our informative and interesting guide on Taurus Most Compatible Signs for Love

Fun Facts About Taurus 

  • Taurus is considered one of the most grounded zodiac signs. 
  • It’s unlikely for Taureans to forget something. Don’t expect them to forget your words because they will not.  
  • It’s not easy for Taureans to talk about personal things. They will only share such details with people they are extremely comfortable with. You will only get to know them better if you can earn their trust which is not easy. 
  • Taureans are pretty patient people but even their patience has a limit. If they run out of it they can be pretty explosive and things can get pretty nasty. 
  • Making sacrifices is like Taureans. They are willing to sacrifice for the people they care about no matter how inconvenient and uncomfortable they are for you. 
  • Criticism is not appreciated by Taurus. They always feel that they are doing their best and it’s not comfortable for them to hear from other people about the things that are lacking in their performance. 
  • The biggest weakness of Taureans is that they are too trusting. They feel that everyone is as sincere as they are with other people. That is why they always fail to see the betrayal coming. They often get their hearts broken because of this trait. Because they trust easily, they are unwilling to forgive when that trust is broken. 

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Famous Taurean Celebrities 

Famous Taureans
Image by Ryan Morrison from Pixabay

There are a lot of charismatic celebrities that were born under the bull sign. Here are some names that have made their name in the industry and made a positive role in many people’s lives.



Lizzo is a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter, and rapper who has been entertaining the world with her sweet and memorable melodies. She exudes an energy that is closely related to the people born under the influence of Venus.

She has been producing one hit after another and has made a huge impact on the world by being vocal on important political and social issues. She has also done a lot to spread body positivity by sharing relevant posts. 



Adele is a critically acclaimed singer and songwriter, whose music journey has inspired many people over the years. She is a record-breaking artist who has always showcased her grounded Taurus energy. Adele has worked hard throughout her career and is familiar with the struggle so she supports her fellow artists with the help of a non-profit organization called MusiCares. Her work to ensure a safety net for musicians is as commendable as her great songs. 

John Cena

John Cena is an excellent representative of the preserve and strength of Taurus. He has charmed the world with his gorgeous smile, physical strength, and fascinating personality. His hard work is pretty obvious from the career that he has managed to build over the years. 


Henry Cavill 

Henry Cavill made a strong impression on the audience because of his charming personality and dashing looks. He always does his best and commits 100% to his roles. He manages to stand out on every project he does as he has a commanding personality. 



Taureans are multi-talented and often show interest in multiple things. Knowing zodiac strengths and weaknesses makes it easier to make better life decisions. 

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