ESTJ Personality Type Complete Guide

ESTJ Personality Type

Recommendations from Artificial Intelligence can help us live happier lives. This article provides a detailed guide as to what makes the ESTJ personality type happy using artificial intelligence. It includes personality traits and careers that suit this personality type. Take a free AI-assisted personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


Myers-Briggs has defined sixteen different personality types for people. ESTJ is one of those personality types.

ESTJ stands for:

  • Extravert
  • Sensing
  • Thinking
  • Judging

ESTJ personality types are natural-born leaders. Their integrity and honesty makes them reliable and valuable employees. ESTJs do well in any leadership position. They excel in jobs where they get to guide other people and oversee projects.

Tip: ESTJ personality type places a high value on rules and traditions.

Overview of ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ personality types are traditionalists. They like to choose a time-tested approach to solve issues. They are excellent at following set guidelines and procedures. They give preference to evidence and facts over imagination and creativity. ESTJs prioritize order and organization.

ESTJs do not shy away from challenges. They are determined and strong. They can stay focused even when tasks become monotonous and strenuous. They do not give up and that is why they are considered overachievers. They are always ready for the next challenge.


Personality Traits for ESTJ

ESTJ Personality Assessment
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Here are some common traits of ESTJs:

  • Honest
  • Dedicated
  • Organized
  • Methodical
  • Loyal
  • Direct

Tip: ESTJs have strong convictions and self-confidence which makes them good at putting their plans into action.


Suitable Careers for ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ Careers Guide
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ESTJ prefer careers that have elements of management or leadership. The love guiding other people and always leading by example. They are preferred by many employers because they are hard-working and dedicated.

Here are some careers that are best suited for ESTJs:



If ESTJs have a knack for law, then becoming a judge is an excellent career choice for them. Becoming a judge requires extensive experience in the judicial system but it is a rewarding choice for ESTJ types. They can easily visualize key points required for achieving success. They do not appreciate disorder and dishonesty.


ESTJ type as a Coach

ESTJ personality types are energetic and their leadership skills are suitable for a coaching position. ESTJs are good at sports and are often team captains in schools and colleges. The early success in sports gives them the experience required for becoming a capable coach. ESTJs know how to build teamwork skills and regularly train to improve their teamwork skills. Their skills also make them suitable for corporate coaching roles like financial, managerial, or marketing consultants.

Financial officer

ESTJ prefer working in workplaces that offer structure and order which is why they can have a successful career in finance. They have an excellent eye for detail and are good at working out details of budget management. ESTJs can innovate and improve streamlining systems and improve efficiency.

Hotel manager

Hotel managers face new challenges all the time. ESTJs are a good choice for the position because they can resolve issues and maintain order. ESTJ personality types can implement procedures and efficient routines. Good management is an essential trait in customer service.


Chief executive officer

ESTJs have a natural tendency to create structure and order. They are outstanding leaders because they are consistent, goal-oriented, and focused. They have strong communication and interpersonal skills. ESTJs have all the necessary skills required for the chief executive officer post. They can maintain budgets and quality control. They can easily inspire team members.


Real estate agent

Real estate agents get to exercise their leadership and organizational skills. They work individually and have the luxury of flexible work schedules. ESTJs are a good match for this career because they are good at setting and achieving goals. The real estate industry has a lot of challenges to offer and ESTJs can visualize the timeline of a project and get it done.

Tip: ESTJs always rely on logic and objective information.


Careers to Avoid for ESTJ Personality Type

ESTJ Careers
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Just like any other personality type, ESTJs do not thrive in every career. Here are some careers that are not a good match for ESTJ personalities:



ESTJs are creative but they do not enjoy the unstructured and disorganized nature of the artistic profession. They are not good at working as actors, writers, and musicians. The unpredictability of these jobs is not suitable for ESTJs.

Data entry clerks

ESTJs have an eye for detail and their organizational skills are suitable for this job but it lacks personal interaction.

Child care worker

Working with children is unpredictable and chaotic and ESTJ does not like such workplaces. ESTJ is not flexible and patient enough to work with children. They are generally good with children but are not good at working with them.


ESTJ Personality Type Conclusion

Choosing the right career path requires considering personality type. ESTJs have a natural tendency to lead so they should find opportunities where they can make the best use of leadership qualities.

ESTJs are one of the 16 personalities defined by the Myers-Briggs type indicator. Career search becomes much easier when you are aware of your personality traits. ESTJs are logical and good at tackling change at the workplace.

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