ESFP Personality Type Complete Guide

ESFP Personality Type

Recommendations from Artificial Intelligence can assist us in living happier and more productive lives. This detailed guide will help you understand what makes the ESFP personality type happy using artificial intelligence. It includes personality traits and careers that suit and don’t suit this personality type. Take a free AI-assisted personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


Myers-Briggs has defined 16 personality types. One of the types is ESFP. These individuals are known as entertainers. They have charming and attractive personalities.

ESFP stands for:

  • Extraverted
  • Observant
  • Feeling
  • Prospecting

Overview of ESFP Personality Type

ESFP Personality Traits
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ESFPs love being in the spotlight. Their engaging and bubbly personalities make them popular. They are not self-centered and are good at entertaining. They can read the mood of people around them as they have strong emotional intelligence. ESFPs can adjust their presentations according to the audience.

ESFP types have a positive attitude and they see beauty in everything. Some common traits of ESFP personality are:

  • Personable
  • Playful
  • Spontaneous
  • Energetic
  • Open
  • Warm
  • Fun-loving
  • Active

Tip: ESFP types are realistic and pragmatic.


Careers Suitable for ESFP Personality Types

ESFP Careers
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ESFPs are known as performers because they love being in the limelight. They prefer jobs that offer diversity and excitement. They like working with people, so jobs that have high social engagement are appealing to them.

Here are some job opportunities that are a good match for a distinctive ESFP personality.


Sales representative

Sales representatives attend to the needs of the customers. ESFPs excel at the job because they love social interaction. They love following up on leads, creating ROI, sales representation, and finding leads. ESFPs enjoy the position because they are good at creating and building relationships. They have all the key qualities of a successful sales representative.

Event planner

ESFPs prefer jobs that include dealing with things that they are already interested in. They like planning gatherings because they are highly social. The position is an ideal choice for them because event planning is something that they love to do. They can turn their sociability into a lucrative career. They can specialize in special events like press events, corporate gatherings, weddings, trade shows, etc.


ESFPs pay special attention to details which makes them excellent candidates for styling hair and applying makeup. They have a personable nature and know how to command attention. They can quickly assess other people’s needs and know how to create the best look for the client.


Professional entertainer

ESFPs love the spotlight and have a talent for singing, comedy, and other performing arts. They have a high chance of success in show business. They can put their skills and talents in traditional careers like education, training, or corporate.


Flight attendant

Good flight attendants are easy-going, attentive, and flexible and these are not challenging for ESFPs. ESFP types are looking to meet new people and expand their social circle. They are usually good at working with all types of people. ESFP personality types have the skills required for welcoming people and keeping them comfortable. ESFPs enjoy traveling and experiencing new things and being a flight attendant allows them to do it.


Vacation planner

ESFP types are creative and have a talent for originality but they are also practical. They excel at vocational planning as they can combine inventive ideas and practical arrangements to make sure that the customers have a great time. They are observant and are good at finding the vacations and activities that are best for the customers.


ESFP as a tour guide

ESFPs are excellent tour guides as they get to interact with people. They are flexible and resourceful people and are good at dealing with the needs of different groups. They are strong and impressive speakers and like giving presentations and socializing with diverse people around them.

Tip: ESFP personality types prefer careers that allow them to engage their sensual side.


ESFP Should Avoid These Careers

Online ESFP Personality Tests
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ESFPs are bold and bright and they can do well in most jobs. But there are some career choices that they find restricting.


Technical writer

ESFPs are creative and they can display this trait in front of an audience. Solitary writing careers are not a good choice for ESFP personalities as it lacks the social interaction they crave.


Accounting is a smart choice for people that like organization and order. ESFPs are creative and innovative. They prefer workplaces that offer them freedom and do not have strict guidelines. They prefer human interaction over facts.

Human resources

HR professionals have to be good at human interaction but the job becomes monotonous and boring pretty quickly.

 Tip: ESFP does not like strict rules and excessive bureaucracy.


ESFP Personality Type Summary

Myers-Briggs personality type indicator has made it easier to find ideal job opportunities by defining personality traits. ESFP is one of the sixteen personality types defined by Myers-Briggs. They prefer workplaces where they can socialize and stay in the middle of the action. To enjoy a content career, ESFPs should look for opportunities that allow them to make the best use of their skills and personality traits.

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