Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Virgo

Virgo most compatible signs

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The Perfectionist Virgo 

Virgo is a perfectionist sign as they’re known to set high standards for themselves and for people they care about. They automatically kick into helping mode whenever there are any problems troubling people around them.  

Virgo wants to have a partner who’s idealistic as well as realistic. They don’t like it if their partner is too cynical about life. They’re practical people and know that life comes with struggles and hardships and that good things need to be earned with hard work. Virgo personalities are well-organized and detail-oriented. They can often overthink things as they tend to critically analyze everything. 


Virgo’s Most Compatible Signs 

Virgo's compatibility
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The compatibility of Virgo is high with stars that share the same values as them. The astrological signs along with personality tests offer reliable information that can assist in finding and identifying a suitable life partner. 

Here’s a compatibility guide for Virgo with different zodiac signs. 


Capricorn and Virgo 

Capricorn is a perfect match for Virgo as both are earth signs. The material world is their focus and they enjoy the luxuries of the world together. These signs perform excellently in the workplace as they’re supportive of each other. They have a deep connection that allows them to be on the same page. 

In many cases the zodiac signs meet in a workplace or a work event and just click. It’s love at first sight and their relationship quickly evolves into a romantic one. The sense of humor in these designs is impeccable, making it easy to keep each other happy and entertained. They enjoy their time together and know how to make each other laugh. 

There are few differences between their personalities but they don’t become a hurdle in their relationship. Rather, these differences bring a balance to their relationship. Capricorns can sometimes become too involved in achieving their goals that they start neglecting their well-being. Virgos are detail-oriented and they can help their Capricorn partner establish a balance between work and home. 


Taurus and Virgo 

Virgo and Taurus are a lovely match. Taurus is also an Earth sign and shares the same level of practicality and love for the material world. Taurus are domestic people and Virgo personalities are organized. They work together well and can make a wonderful home. 

The difference between these earth signs helps create a strong connection between the two. A Taurus personality is cool and calm and likes to indulge in the luxuries offered by the world. Their Virgo partner finds it easy to enjoy the pleasures of the world alongside their supportive partner. 

Taurus can be the anchor that keeps Virgo grounded and keeps their nervous energy at bay. Virgo can provide much-needed motivation to their Taurus partner to ensure that they can achieve their goals and work hard so they can enjoy the luxuries of life. 


Cancer and Taurus 

Taurus and Cancer share excellent compatibility. They have a deep level of understanding. Both signs tend to worry a lot and fuss over little things that can frustrate other zodiac signs. Taurus and Cancer can tolerate and calm down each other. 

The two signs worry a lot but they worry about different things. Virgo’s focus is on achieving perfection and imperfections bother them. Cancer signs on the other hand are caregivers and are highly concerned about the safety of those around them. 

Cancer, being a water sign, is imaginative and their imagination can often run wild. They enjoy exaggerating things as it satisfies their creativity. Their exaggeration is opposite to the grounded attitude of Virgo. Cancer’s calming aura relaxes their Virgo partner as well. These signs balance each other’s personalities and make an excellent pair. 

Pisces and Virgo 

Despite possessing opposite personality traits these signs seem to have unavoidable attraction. These opposites make a good pair and enjoy a high level of compatibility. The polarity between the two signs makes them natural partners. 

Virgo is materialistic and always prefers to take a practical approach to life. The focus of Pisces is on the spiritual aspect of life as they value emotions. But the common thing between the signs is that they’re modest and love serving others. 

The signs have different ways of providing their service. Pisces offer spiritual support while Virgo chooses practical ways to offer help. Both signs are well-equipped to support and assist each other. 


Pisces and Scorpio 

The astrological compatibility of Pisces and Scorpio is strong. The communication between the two signs is great. They’re vocal about how they feel. Virgo can be a little shy in the beginning but they get comfortable with each other as time passes and trust is established between them. 

The earth and water sign are passionate. Virgo wants to make a memorable impression on their partner and use romantic gestures like luxurious meals and timeless gifts to get in their good graces. Scorpios enjoy everything that their partner has to offer because they believe that the time spent with their partner is valuable. 


Suitable Matches for Virgo

Suitable Love Matches for Virgo
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Certain signs aren’t a perfect match for Virgo but they have enough in common to establish an interesting and stable relationship. The signs that share medium compatibility with Virgo are as follows.


Virgo and Aries 

Aries and Virgo have different natures but somehow they make their relationship work. They have the willingness to work through their differences which makes their relationship viable. There’s a quick and immediate connection between the two.   

Aries is a fire sign so they have a fiery nature which is perfect for melting the cold and icy exterior of Virgo. Virgo are simple people and their simplicity is enough to keep the fire sign grounded. The opposite qualities work in their favor and bring them closer. 

The main difference between the signs is that the fire sign is unpredictable and a thrill seeker while Virgo likes to meticulously plan everything.  Aries fire can get dampened by the organized nature of the earth sign. 

These signs make a successful pairing because they’re willing to accept the differences and embrace them instead of working against each other. They’re always supportive of their partner.


Virgo and Virgo 

Virgos are perfectionists and their pairing with another perfectionist is a good idea as both want the best and they agree on most things. There’s little friction among them as they share common goals. 

Virgo partners celebrate the organizational skills and neatness of their partners. Life’s not always stable and there are always ups and downs. 

Virgo partners have an interesting relationship and are unlikely to get bored of each other. They’re grounded signs who share mutual curiosity. They want to experience the world together and like discussing their opinions with each other. 


Gemini and Virgo 

Gemini and Virgo have the same communication style. They share a great interest in learning and experiencing new things. They believe that life has a lot of mysterious things to offer. They often go on new adventures together and make new memories. 

Both signs like seeking knowledge but the methods used by Gemini are much more chaotic than Virgo. Virgo is an organized sign that’s put off by the chaotic choices of Gemini. Gemini is not too focused on achieving results. They often end up accumulating a lot of unfinished projects which aren’t appreciated by their partner. 

The zodiac signs can establish a relationship once they overcome their desire for total control and supremacy. Once they figure out their power dynamic they can have a fun and curious relationship. 


Unsuitable Love Matches for Virgo

Some zodiac signs fail to establish a healthy connection with Virgo. Their differences are too much and they end up driving them apart. Some of Virgo’s least compatible signs are as follows. 

Aquarius and Virgo 

The compatibility of Aquarius and Virgo is low. The signs are intellectual but have varying perspectives on life. Virgo are practical people and like analyzing things but Aquarius are creative people and have a unique perspective. 

They respect each other intellectually even though they have their differences. Aquarius can get frustrated because Virgo is fussy. Virgo personalities don’t appreciate the lack of respect Aquarius has for rules and regulations. 

There’s little to nothing common among these signs making it impossible for them to form a lovable connection. They can be good work colleagues and spend quality time together as friends. 


Virgo and Leo 

Virgo and Leo are different personalities and there’s a lack of connection between them. The differences between them are too big and they become a source of frustration and annoyance for both signs. 

Leo believes that the central stage is made for them. The admiration of others gives them energy and inspiration. Virgo is the opposite as they’re modest and like to stay away from the public eye. 

In the eyes of Virgo, Leo is pompous whereas the mild personality of Virgo is considered petty by the fire sign. It’s unlikely for these signs to get entangled in a romantic relationship. 

Sagittarius and Virgo 

The personalities of the Earth and Fire signs are completely different from each other. The disagreements between the signs are too much to handle. The romantic feelings can bring these people together but it’s not enough to establish a long-lasting relationship. 

Sagittarius gets bored by Virgo’s obsession with details. The earth sign feels uncomfortable with the unpredictable nature of the fire sign. Their willingness to cut corners and ignore the rules makes Virgo feel insecure. 

Also, give our article What You Need to Know About Dating a Virgo a quick read to see if you can handle the perfectionism that Virgos have. 



To understand personality it’s important to take all the aspects into consideration like the education, upbringing, and environment of a person. Personality characteristics are the key to making a relationship work because it’s good to have common ground to have a lovable and supportive relationship. 

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