ESTP Personality Type Complete Guide

ESTP Personality Type

Recommendations from Artificial Intelligence can help us in living happier lives. This detailed guide will help you understand what makes the ESTP personality type happy using artificial intelligence. Included in the guide are personality traits and careers that suit this personality type. Take this free AI-assisted personality test to get detailed insights about your personality traits and suitable careers.


You will feel content and satisfied if your job resonates with your most prominent traits. It is extremely important to conduct personality tests before choosing a career path. The Myers-Briggs personality tests define unique traits for each personality type.

The ESTP personalities are commonly known to be adventurous and enthusiastic. This article gives an overview of the prominent characteristics of ESTPs, career choices best for them, and careers they must avoid.

Overview of ESTP Personality Type

ESTP Personality Traits
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ESTP stands for Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking, and Perception. People possessing this personality type love to work hard and adopt a hands-on approach at work.

They like to take risks and choose careers offering new challenges on daily basis. They prefer diverse work environments and prefer acting rather than planning things.

The energy levels of ESTPs are high and they ask questions later and act on their instincts first. They are always busy formulating new ideas and working on fresh projects.

Tip: Utilizing patterns and data for making decisions is a unique trait of ESTPs.

These types of personalities are quick learners and logical thinkers. They work on their terms and manage milestones well. These people prefer working independently.

People belonging to the ESTP group of personalities love to seek new opportunities. They are keen observers and assess the bigger picture of everything. They are passionate about work and do not like bottlenecks in their career success.


Best Careers for ESTPs

ESTP Careers
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ESTP personality types love to stay vigilant and active. They learn by performing a task and like to take up new challenges at work. Their assertive nature makes them fit for careers in law enforcement agencies, arts, and business.

Tip: ESTP-type personalities love to pursue a career with advancement opportunities.

They are innovative and smart. The below-mentioned career categories are perfect for people possessing ESTP personalities.

First responder

People who have an ESTP personality type are perfect for working in emergency services. It’s difficult to influence or intimidate them, making them quick responders.

Tip: They can assess situations swiftly and respond to them.

They are good at responding to pressure situations, working under pressure, and handling things logically. They perform well in demanding situations.

The best careers for these personalities include :

  • Paramedic
  • Police officer
  • Firefighter


ESTP personality type in the arts

The creative and outgoing nature of people posing ESTP type makes them ideal for the arts. They respond well to unexpected situations with confidence and calmness.

Their high energy and innovative thinking help them outperform in the field of arts. They like to work on their own and possess leadership qualities. Most suitable careers include :

  • Art director
  • Creative director
  • Graphics designer and illustrator



The people belonging to ESTP personality types do not fancy routine and monotonous work. Their entrepreneur personality type makes them great leaders and they portray their energized and versatile traits well in this role.

Tip: ESTPs do not perform well as managers.

The preferred career choice for these people include:

  • CEO(Chief Executive Officer)
  • Brand ambassador
  • Project coordinator
  • Administrative manager


Manufacturing and maintenance

ESTP personalities are interested in jobs that require skills, knowledge, and passion. Being an industrial manager is one of their preferred career choices. This is because they like to pursue careers involving multi-tasking and physical activities.

They perform their best to deliver substantial and gratifying results. The best careers include:

  • Operations coordinator
  • Construction manager
  • Project manager


Careers ESTP Personalities Must Avoid

ESTP Personality Type
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The ESTPs prefer careers based on logic and activeness. They don’t like black and white concepts or rigid rules. They perform better in concrete tasks as compared to abstract ones.

They prefer acting proactively rather than taking time to plan things. You must avoid the following careers if you belong to the ESTP group of personalities.

  • Teacher
  • Librarian
  • Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Psychologist
  • Writer


ESTPs on Their Good and Bad Days

The Myers-Briggs personality tests help you in getting valuable insights on how you will react to different situations at work.

How an ESTP personality responds to a good day at work is mentioned below:

  • The energy brought by them to work is contagious
  • They have a great sense of humor
  • Their engaging and observant nature enables them to assess situations robustly and effectively

The attitude of ESTPs on their bad days is mentioned below:

  • They get bored with an anticipated routine and mundane tasks
  • To complete all the items mentioned in the to-do list, they need excitement and adrenaline
  • They are brutally honest and sometimes this trait is responsible for hurting the feelings of people working around them.


ESTP Personality Type Conclusion

Exploring new opportunities and facing challenges daily resonates well with the ESTP personality types. They like to stay active and engaged. They have a passion for work. The above-mentioned careers suit the traits of ESTP personalities best.

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